Debt Consolidation Toronto


A refinancing occurs via the renegotiation of an existing mortgage financing facility. This is done so to allow for an individual to access their equity, or as a means of reducing borrowing costs through capitalizing on lower interest rates.


Individuals looking to refinance their current mortgages can find great benefits of consulting with the Source Capital team. Our deep institutional links with prime financing entities allows us to provide our clients with the best and low cost refinancing options. Refinancing has many benefits including paying off your current mortgage facility and additional debts, replaced with a new mortgage at a lower cost. This allows for additional room for financing to be used for renovations and additional properties.

Source Capital has the ability to assist clients in achieving their refinancing goals at more favourable rates. This form of financing is notorious for assisting clients with high credit/debt obligations, investments, and bettering an individuals overall financial position.

Most commonly this financing is executed by source capital to as means of reducing high interest rate payments and assist with property and income tax arrears as well.

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