Debt Consolidation Toronto


Source Capital plays a major role in assisting clients with debt consolidation. It may make sense for clients to consolidate debt and simplify your financial situation. Our clients have car payments, credit, retail, and personal payments to pay off. The combined interest payments from all these streams may over burden a client’s personal finances. This is not well advised for clients, to have several outstanding interest bearing obligations. Source Capital assists with this via debt consolidation mortgages.

By utilizing your equity in your home, client’s via our expertise can achieve a cost effective solution to improve financial health. Similar to a refinancing, when combining all debt then adding them to your mortgage is a method employed to boost personal liquidity. Credit card rates can range from 19.99% to 29.99%. These rates are compounded monthly, (interest upon interest) whilst consolidating will limit these interest payments to semi-annually compounding period. By adding all debts to your mortgage clients can capitalize on lower monthly payments, providing much needed financial breathing room for clients, to payoff short term debt. Via our assistance for consolidation transactions clients can save thousands.


Our team, is well equipped and trained to assist clients looking for consolidation possessing a weaker financial position. Your current income, personal debt level, or credit score are not the end all factors for such a transaction. Clients facing legal action, a consumer proposal, or even close to bankruptcy, Source Capital will play a major role in ensuring financing. A debt consolidation mortgage allows our clients in these situations to utilize their locked equity, without disturbing their first mortgage facility to pay out debt and enhance our clients’ credit.

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